Music, shark. Shark, music.

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I think I have just witnessed the death of musical integrity. I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon the high definition music channel sporting a Gospel choir swaying on stage in front of a rock and roll band. Now those of you that know me know this is a great start as far as Kit’s concerned (to wit, Black Crowes, Third Day, et al) So I hit the info button on the remote to see Storytellers was just starting; even better! And then…
Kid Rock saunters toward the stage and pulls out a microphone. That’s right – the series that was once known for giving artists an opportunity to tell tender insightful stories about their hits (Eddie V’s story about how audience reaction colored his own awareness and enjoyment of Alive was amazing) was now giving us a formerly self respecting choir belting out Bawitdaba. Followed by a overly blue tribute to a crass stage prop known as Joe C. Not that I don’t think there are hip-hop acts worthy of a Storytellers (Talib, Common, Mars Ill, shoot even Eminem) I just don’t think Kid Rock is it. Evidently I have either held out too much hope for music in pop culture or I have drastically underestimated how far a wife beater and a Detroit Tigers tattoo can take you in life.


7 More Weeks…

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No Line On The Horizon

No Line On The Horizon

The date is approaching for U2’s new album – now the details start dropping. Pitchfork has an article detailing the track listing and it includes the new cover art. I can’t wait… 😀

Happy New Years!

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Well, it’s been a wild wild ride.  I have met a ton of new people and discovered more about people I already knew; learned new things and forgotten some others; experienced a ton of change (some good, some not so much) gained some new habits and lost some others; been places I have never been; done things I have never done; learned more about myself than I ever thought possible; and *most importantly* lived to tell the tale.  I can only wish the same for the coming year.  God bless to each of you and I look forward to the adventure that is 2009.  Happy New Year Ya’lls!!

Music Nerd

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Zune Playlist

Zune Playlist

I officially broke 30,000 plays on the Zune.  I either love my music collection or need to get out more.  Or both…

Update (12/31/2008): Evidently the powers that be thought I needed some time away from my Zune as well.  As such I was striken (along with potentially a million of my closest friends) by Z2K9.  That’s right, due to a wonderful “bug” (not a feature,) BSOD company strikes again.  Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.  Let the snickering from the Apple fanboys begin…


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My 30th birthday is coming up in a couple months (8 weeks and 3 days, but who’s counting?) and I am trying to decide what to do to treat myself.  Granting, because Murphy (he of the eponymous law) is a jerk, the economy has tanked just prior to my big day which may put a crimp in how much money I am able to throw at this event.  But I still would like to take a little time to commemorate my not becoming a meth addicted burnout or victim of some unfortunate tragedy (knock on wood…)

Any ideas?

Merry Chrismakwanzakasolstice

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That’s right ya’ll – it’s the holiday season and I would like to be the 4 billionth person since Thanksgiving to remind you that today is indeed, Christmas.  I hope that you all had a wonderful time surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.

And I learned that you never really notice how much you’ve been working, and hence slacking on the home life, until you find yourself sitting at home with all of the local HEB’s closed without milk for cereal or meat to cook with and eating soup waiting to go back to the normal cycle again tomorrow.

In a completely unrelated note, there’s a great Flickr set paying homage to one of my favorite cartoons – The Far Side.  Enjoy it here…

Rover Strikes Back

Rover Strikes Back

Just another day…

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As a subscriber of SBC’s DSL service, they were kind enough to throw in all sorts of wonderful goodies – namely 2GB of email storage at a time before Gmail and when Hotmail and Netscape were offering a whopping 250Megs and later on the addition of a pro account on Flickr.  Sadly a mere three years after I stopped giving them money, SBC/Yahoo has decided to revoke my pro account.  And while it’ s been a good run, the thought of dealing with a mere 3 sets was unbearable for me so I started searching for another photo host.  Which, as a nerd, pretty much entailed googling photo host and hitting the first few pages of results.

Lo and behold I have decided to move my pictures to Google’s own host – PicasaWeb.  On the downside it only offers a gigabyte of storage for free (you can purchase more if wanted) but since I moved all my pictures *ever* and am still using less than half of that, I think I will be safe for a while.  One very nice addition is the ability to use a client application (Picasa 3 is pretty nifty AND it has a Linux client) which is far easier than Flickr’s web editing tools and it is whipcrack easy to sort photos by date taken – something that drove me crazy with Flickr.

And it was while sorting my wedding photos (yeah, I probably need to write more about that soon, eh?) that I discovered a nice little surprise.  My three year anniversary was this week.  Brief recap of the timeline – married in December, the real coldsnap hits and she leaves for good in less than a month, annulment filed by a lawyer with an unintentionally awesome sense of humor on Valentines Day, and officially annulled exactly six months after the wedding day.  A large part of me thought those dates would live in infamy, seared in scarlet across my brain.  And for a while they were.  But as I started to tell this story at work, I was met with a volley of “aaww, man I’m sorry” responses.  To which I had to point out that the point of the story was much happier than it would seem at first blush.  The date had crept up on me, jumped into my face, screamed “Boogity!!” and been met with a resounding “Oh… whatever.”  That’s right people, evidently time does heal all wounds.  In the words of a wise person I know, “This too shall pass…”

And thanks to MP for picking up lunch that day.  That really wasn’t the point of the story, but I appreciate you being such an awesome dude none the less.

Sheboygan = Wild Wild West?

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“A staged shootout got a little too real when two people were shot with a gun mistakenly loaded with birdshot…” Awesome – I am so proud of my hometown today.


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Dogbert Explains...

Dogbert Explains...

So I did nothing today.  At least it feels like it.  Slept until almost noon – perhaps the sinus medication is to blame?  Cooked.  Did laundry.  But I guess it’s all the stuff that I didn’t do that bugs me at the end of the day…

Although I usually don’t mind being a lazy bum, today it struck me that I’m almost 30 and still seem to spend an inordinate amount of my time doing – well, nothing.  Is that normal?  Am I missing out?  What makes the average human being feel fulfilled, or feel complete?  Is it work and a career?  Is it friends?  A family and kids?  Religion?  Escapism?  A collection of stuff?  Hobbies?  Looking forward to the next vacation?  The acquisition of knowledge?  Having goals?

Things Bears Love

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Girl Scouts – defenses are easy to infiltrate, plus free cookies after mauling…

Things Bears Love - Girl Scouts

Things Bears Love - Girl Scouts


Burnt Orange

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For those “student athletes” with priority problems, check out this from Sharapova’sThigh blog:

This is just flat out awesome.  For those of you who live under a rock, the Big XII South finished in a 3 way tie. The Big XII used the BCS rankings to send Oklahoma to face Missouri in the championship game.

Mack Brown doesn’t like the tie breaker situation. He wants to use the same sort of procedures that the other conferences do, although I’m pretty sure that BCS standings factor in eventually as one of the tie breakers for the SEC, ACC, et al.

What does Mike Leach want to use?

“I think they should break that three-way tie based on a graduation rate. I think the Big 12 conference should have an executive session tonight,” the Texas Tech coach said Saturday. “And I think when they do that they will find that no one’s more deserving than the Red Raiders to win Big 12 South.”

What makes this so awesome? Texas Tech’s graduation rate for the football program? 79% And the student athletes of Texas and Oklahoma graduation rate? 50 and 46% respectively.

Now I know that those two powerhouse programs have a higher rate of putting underclassmen into the NFL…but the can’t do better than half? That’s ridiculously bad. I love that Leach got a dig in at these two programs as the BCS b****ing and moaning continues.

This Vacation Sucks

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I’ve been roaming around always looking down at all I see.  Painted faces fill the places I cant reach.  You know that I could use somebody; someone like you and all you know and how you speak.  Countless lovers under cover of the street…  Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep.  Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat – I hope it’s gonna make you notice someone like me…

~ Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon from Only By The Night

I am half way through a week off of work, and I have to say it’s harder than I thought it would be. I had to use up 7 days before the end of the year or I would have lost them.  Hhhhmm, you’ll pay me to work or you’ll pay me to not work?  Long about yesterday afternoon I was bored out of my mind and was so sick of staring at the walls of the apartment that I was ready to scream. I had been saving my time off for some grand trip or some sort of exciting vacation, but due to more than a couple reasons I just don’t feel like going anywhere. I had visions of using my time to get a lot of procrastinated tasks polished off, but in reality all I have really gotten done was totally ruining my normal sleep schedule. I had dragged out paperwork to finally get my filing done, but stumbling upon a stash of correspondence long forgotten only served to worsen my loneliness. A long overdue visit to the chiropractor brought along queries that fostered regret over things I have done and said that I really shouldn’t regret. It sucks to know that even when doing the right thing, you’ve still caused pain. But I guess that’s part of life sometimes…

If I stop and think about it, I haven’t been quite as big a laggard as it may sound. I waded through all of the documentation and then polished off my insurance enrollment at work (thanks for introducing a deductable guys.) I caught another showing of the Dark Knight (still a great movie!) I bolwed 13 games at Main Event’s Monday Madness (with scores of 118, 152, 93, 176, 126, 125, 167, 119, 111, 144, 154, and 118 – I know it’s nothing to write home about but I am blaming it on a gaggle of chicks the lane over that were distracting me. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.) I have posted a few unused items for sale on Craigslist (sadly none of them have actually sold yet.) I am sitting here digesting a delicious Freebird’s burrito while Groovy Automotive performs a vehicle inspection that was due 3 weeks ago. I seriously debated going to Dallas for the JFK assassination anniversary and to catch Coldplay (and then I realized that nosebleed seats behind the stage and situated so high I could touch the rafters would run me 90 bucks.) Instead, I will probably knock out the laundry tonight while watching my 8th basketball game of the week. I have caught up on a lot of music listening (highlight include Snow Patrol’s A Hundred Million Suns, Viva Voce’s The Heat Can Melt Your Brain, and I still can’t rave enough about Kings Of Leon’s Only By The Night – great album!) I have tried to concoct a few new dishes (sadly the Black Bean & Beef Stew was a miserable failure.) Now if only I would swallow my pride and make a much needed therapy appointment, I can consider this a pretty respectably productive week…


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I waited patiently for the Lord.  He inclined and heard my cry.  He brought me up out of the pit, out of the miry clay.  You set my feet upon a rock and made my footsteps firm.  Many will see, many will see and hear.  How long to sing this song? How long…?  ~  40 by U2 from War

The bummer has finally set in – it’s 12:44 in the morning and I can’t pry myself away from sitting in front of the computer and playing bass to a select few U2 songs over and over again.

Pitter Pat

November 2, 2008 at 9:26 pm | Posted in Linux | 4 Comments

I have a confession to make – I have fallen in love.  It’s a hot, sexy, fast, easy Brazilian number.  And it’s called DreamLinux.  What did you think I was talking about?  I must say that this distro runs like a champ on the relatively meager spec ThinkPad X40 (1.4Ghz Intel, 1.5GB Memory, 40GB HDD) that used to choke like Mama Cass on XP Pro and it’s chock full of enough eye candy and polish to turn even the snootiest geeks head.

DreamLinux 3.5

DreamLinux 3.5

Technically it’s a release candidate that’s preceded the official release, but it has proven itself to be rock solid thus far with a week plus of fairly hard core use proffering only a single crashed application (Pidgin locked up on me – that’d be like AOL IM crashing for you Windows users out there.)  Sure, you could always go with Ubuntu (which just released it’s new version Intrepid Ibex this week as well) if you’re looking for something with a bit more name recognition, but DreamLinux is well worth checking out.  Not only does it come with a live CD that runs the operating system directly from the CD (allowing you to test drive it before deciding whether or not to install) and that it can be installed on a thumb drive (allowing you to use, configure, and then take your entire OS with you and to use it on any PC that allows booting from USB) but you can also tweak the OS to suit your needs and then make your own distro to share with others.  The only think that really annoyed me was that since it’s Debian based it ships with the unbranded version of Firefox called IceWeasel.  Yes, it’s silly, it’s annoying, and I had to change it.  So I just used the Easy Install function (hello three click software installs!) and then cracked open a terminal and plugged in:

ln -f /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/sensible-browser

Now all the links show up with the expected Mozilla goodness.  Ah, nerdy goodness…

DreamLinux Info ~ Homepage ~ Latest Version ~ Distrowatch

First Time For Everything

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So I walked out of a movie of my own volition for the first time ever this week.  And for the record, I am not counting the time I got sick at Hannibal – I’m blaming that one on working 100 hours that week.

I have been visiting the discount theater in Round Rock for ages.  It’s a sweet deal since I don’t eat the overpriced concessions and if the movie blows I am still out less cash than if I had rented it once.  But even with such a cavalier attitude toward movie choices, I have never actually given up on a flick.  Not even at the cosmic gut-punch of a letdown that was Dumb & Dumberer.  I mean what’s an hour and a half of my life when I can find out how this crazy story ends?  But I found myself sitting in Pineapple Express for almost an hour with no emotional investment and having not been tempted to even smirk once.  But the final straw for me was when I whipped out my phone to satiate my OCD tendency to check my email and found myself more tempted to play Gameboy ROMs on it than to return my attention to the screen.  Perhaps I am turning into a crochety old man faster than I imagined or perhaps the movie would have been funnier had I ever or currently been high, but I gave up and spent the hour at HEB instead.

Oh, to be young and without standards again…

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