First Time For Everything

October 28, 2008 at 11:51 pm | Posted in Life In General | 1 Comment

So I walked out of a movie of my own volition for the first time ever this week.  And for the record, I am not counting the time I got sick at Hannibal – I’m blaming that one on working 100 hours that week.

I have been visiting the discount theater in Round Rock for ages.  It’s a sweet deal since I don’t eat the overpriced concessions and if the movie blows I am still out less cash than if I had rented it once.  But even with such a cavalier attitude toward movie choices, I have never actually given up on a flick.  Not even at the cosmic gut-punch of a letdown that was Dumb & Dumberer.  I mean what’s an hour and a half of my life when I can find out how this crazy story ends?  But I found myself sitting in Pineapple Express for almost an hour with no emotional investment and having not been tempted to even smirk once.  But the final straw for me was when I whipped out my phone to satiate my OCD tendency to check my email and found myself more tempted to play Gameboy ROMs on it than to return my attention to the screen.  Perhaps I am turning into a crochety old man faster than I imagined or perhaps the movie would have been funnier had I ever or currently been high, but I gave up and spent the hour at HEB instead.

Oh, to be young and without standards again…


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  1. Someone needs to declare fatwah on Seth Rogen so he STOPS MAKING MOVIES.

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