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December 17, 2008 at 10:36 pm | Posted in Dear Diary | Leave a comment

As a subscriber of SBC’s DSL service, they were kind enough to throw in all sorts of wonderful goodies – namely 2GB of email storage at a time before Gmail and when Hotmail and Netscape were offering a whopping 250Megs and later on the addition of a pro account on Flickr.  Sadly a mere three years after I stopped giving them money, SBC/Yahoo has decided to revoke my pro account.  And while it’ s been a good run, the thought of dealing with a mere 3 sets was unbearable for me so I started searching for another photo host.  Which, as a nerd, pretty much entailed googling photo host and hitting the first few pages of results.

Lo and behold I have decided to move my pictures to Google’s own host – PicasaWeb.  On the downside it only offers a gigabyte of storage for free (you can purchase more if wanted) but since I moved all my pictures *ever* and am still using less than half of that, I think I will be safe for a while.  One very nice addition is the ability to use a client application (Picasa 3 is pretty nifty AND it has a Linux client) which is far easier than Flickr’s web editing tools and it is whipcrack easy to sort photos by date taken – something that drove me crazy with Flickr.

And it was while sorting my wedding photos (yeah, I probably need to write more about that soon, eh?) that I discovered a nice little surprise.  My three year anniversary was this week.  Brief recap of the timeline – married in December, the real coldsnap hits and she leaves for good in less than a month, annulment filed by a lawyer with an unintentionally awesome sense of humor on Valentines Day, and officially annulled exactly six months after the wedding day.  A large part of me thought those dates would live in infamy, seared in scarlet across my brain.  And for a while they were.  But as I started to tell this story at work, I was met with a volley of “aaww, man I’m sorry” responses.  To which I had to point out that the point of the story was much happier than it would seem at first blush.  The date had crept up on me, jumped into my face, screamed “Boogity!!” and been met with a resounding “Oh… whatever.”  That’s right people, evidently time does heal all wounds.  In the words of a wise person I know, “This too shall pass…”

And thanks to MP for picking up lunch that day.  That really wasn’t the point of the story, but I appreciate you being such an awesome dude none the less.


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