Music, shark. Shark, music.

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I think I have just witnessed the death of musical integrity. I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon the high definition music channel sporting a Gospel choir swaying on stage in front of a rock and roll band. Now those of you that know me know this is a great start as far as Kit’s concerned (to wit, Black Crowes, Third Day, et al) So I hit the info button on the remote to see Storytellers was just starting; even better! And then…
Kid Rock saunters toward the stage and pulls out a microphone. That’s right – the series that was once known for giving artists an opportunity to tell tender insightful stories about their hits (Eddie V’s story about how audience reaction colored his own awareness and enjoyment of Alive was amazing) was now giving us a formerly self respecting choir belting out Bawitdaba. Followed by a overly blue tribute to a crass stage prop known as Joe C. Not that I don’t think there are hip-hop acts worthy of a Storytellers (Talib, Common, Mars Ill, shoot even Eminem) I just don’t think Kid Rock is it. Evidently I have either held out too much hope for music in pop culture or I have drastically underestimated how far a wife beater and a Detroit Tigers tattoo can take you in life.


7 More Weeks…

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No Line On The Horizon

No Line On The Horizon

The date is approaching for U2’s new album – now the details start dropping. Pitchfork has an article detailing the track listing and it includes the new cover art. I can’t wait… 😀

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