Sheboygan = Wild Wild West?

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“A staged shootout got a little too real when two people were shot with a gun mistakenly loaded with birdshot…” Awesome – I am so proud of my hometown today.


What A Relief

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Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike

My buddy Perry’s getting married today in San Antonio, which means I’ve spent all week worried about driving straight into the path of Hurricane Ike.  And it’s a bit nerve racking to drive against the flow of an evacuation traffic jam.  But thankfully, Ike’s taken a sharper turn to the east than anyone expected and it looks like the Austin and San Antonio areas are going to dodge a bullet and at worst get some stiff wind gusts and a lot of rain.  Thanks to all the friends who dropped a line wishing safe keeping and a lack of drowning.  Now, on with the hitching!

Wait, what?

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In spite of the fact that the US presses on with the Roosevelt Corollary on steroids known as  “The War On Terror” even though it means burning through mountains of cash on a daily basis, I still had some faith in fiscal responsibility.  That is until I saw this little tidbit on the news (video here.) Now I’m not saying it’s inherently a bad idea to federalize (dare I say communize) a previously private enterprise.  But I do find it odd that while we supposedly can’t find any money to address a painfully broken and rapidly regressing health insurance system, we do find a way to pledge upwards of $25 billion a year for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.  Sometimes I wish I was rich and had even richer friends in Washington looking out for me…

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