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My 30th birthday is coming up in a couple months (8 weeks and 3 days, but who’s counting?) and I am trying to decide what to do to treat myself.  Granting, because Murphy (he of the eponymous law) is a jerk, the economy has tanked just prior to my big day which may put a crimp in how much money I am able to throw at this event.  But I still would like to take a little time to commemorate my not becoming a meth addicted burnout or victim of some unfortunate tragedy (knock on wood…)

Any ideas?


Just another day…

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As a subscriber of SBC’s DSL service, they were kind enough to throw in all sorts of wonderful goodies – namely 2GB of email storage at a time before Gmail and when Hotmail and Netscape were offering a whopping 250Megs and later on the addition of a pro account on Flickr.  Sadly a mere three years after I stopped giving them money, SBC/Yahoo has decided to revoke my pro account.  And while it’ s been a good run, the thought of dealing with a mere 3 sets was unbearable for me so I started searching for another photo host.  Which, as a nerd, pretty much entailed googling photo host and hitting the first few pages of results.

Lo and behold I have decided to move my pictures to Google’s own host – PicasaWeb.  On the downside it only offers a gigabyte of storage for free (you can purchase more if wanted) but since I moved all my pictures *ever* and am still using less than half of that, I think I will be safe for a while.  One very nice addition is the ability to use a client application (Picasa 3 is pretty nifty AND it has a Linux client) which is far easier than Flickr’s web editing tools and it is whipcrack easy to sort photos by date taken – something that drove me crazy with Flickr.

And it was while sorting my wedding photos (yeah, I probably need to write more about that soon, eh?) that I discovered a nice little surprise.  My three year anniversary was this week.  Brief recap of the timeline – married in December, the real coldsnap hits and she leaves for good in less than a month, annulment filed by a lawyer with an unintentionally awesome sense of humor on Valentines Day, and officially annulled exactly six months after the wedding day.  A large part of me thought those dates would live in infamy, seared in scarlet across my brain.  And for a while they were.  But as I started to tell this story at work, I was met with a volley of “aaww, man I’m sorry” responses.  To which I had to point out that the point of the story was much happier than it would seem at first blush.  The date had crept up on me, jumped into my face, screamed “Boogity!!” and been met with a resounding “Oh… whatever.”  That’s right people, evidently time does heal all wounds.  In the words of a wise person I know, “This too shall pass…”

And thanks to MP for picking up lunch that day.  That really wasn’t the point of the story, but I appreciate you being such an awesome dude none the less.


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Dogbert Explains...

Dogbert Explains...

So I did nothing today.  At least it feels like it.  Slept until almost noon – perhaps the sinus medication is to blame?  Cooked.  Did laundry.  But I guess it’s all the stuff that I didn’t do that bugs me at the end of the day…

Although I usually don’t mind being a lazy bum, today it struck me that I’m almost 30 and still seem to spend an inordinate amount of my time doing – well, nothing.  Is that normal?  Am I missing out?  What makes the average human being feel fulfilled, or feel complete?  Is it work and a career?  Is it friends?  A family and kids?  Religion?  Escapism?  A collection of stuff?  Hobbies?  Looking forward to the next vacation?  The acquisition of knowledge?  Having goals?


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I waited patiently for the Lord.  He inclined and heard my cry.  He brought me up out of the pit, out of the miry clay.  You set my feet upon a rock and made my footsteps firm.  Many will see, many will see and hear.  How long to sing this song? How long…?  ~  40 by U2 from War

The bummer has finally set in – it’s 12:44 in the morning and I can’t pry myself away from sitting in front of the computer and playing bass to a select few U2 songs over and over again.

Ripped Van Winkle

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“It is better to sleep on things beforehand than lie awake about them afterward.” – Baltasar Gracian

So evidently consuming chocolate covered expresso beans and then trying to sleep isn’t a good plan.  Which sucks because the car pool wakeup call is roughly 6 hours away.  And while some people can suffice with only a quarter day’s worth of rest, I could easily pass out for twice that if left to my own devices.  Alas, I love my job and would like to keep it so I don’t indulge that fancy.

Sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain off for a while.  Or multi-task that rusty gear for something that’s actually productive to the outside world.  But it’s spending far too much time these days gnawing away with quandries and enigmas that I just can’t resolve.  And it’s those darn riddles that are keeping me away from the rolling hills of sheep counting country…

Joss Stone & Me

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So I’m finally getting settled into the new apartment and it’s starting to (almost) feel like home.  That is if I decided to decorate my home bathroom in waterstained wallpaper that’s older than I am and build a kitchen with one – that’s right one – drawer.  Sadly I am falling way behind on my unpacking one box a day plan due to an unforseen evil.  Hi-Definition television, or as the hipster kids call it HDTV.  I have found over the preceding few weeks that I will watch crap on HDTV that I would almost certainly never watch in real life.  Treks through the wilderness necessitating eating obscene wildlife – yep.  Home design shows with hosts so flambouyant Richard Simmons is frightened of them – you betcha.  National Geographic shows that show far too much detail of the naked tribespeople – what Saturday afternoon is complete without it?  Reruns of Law & Order and CSI – ah who am I kidding; I would rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon before watching that.  But I have to admit I am addicted to a music channel called Palladia, even after I found out it was owned by MTV.  Don’t you just love when a corporate conglomerate controls too many media outlets? *cough* TimeWarner *cough* ClearChannel *cough* Sirrius/XM…

I’ve must say, I quite enjoyed watching Joss Stone.  In exquisite detail.  Belting out a soulful Fell In Love With A Boy cover.  While swaying to and fro.  With closed eyes and a bluesy grimace. And a British accent.  Aahhh, I have said too much.

I love music.

So Close, And Yet…

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From: <>
Date: Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 3:07 PM
Subject: Thank you for participating in the Brewers Postseason Ticket Opportunity

Thank you for registering for a chance to purchase tickets for potential 2008 N.L. Championship Series games at Miller Park. Unfortunately, your entry was not selected for this ticket offer.  But don’t forget, there’s still a chance to see the Brewers in the Postseason at Miller Park! By entering the Brewers’ Postseason Ticket Opportunity, you’ve also registered to win the chance to purchase tickets to potential 2008 World Series games at Miller Park. Drawing dates have not yet been determined, but you will receive an email to let you know if you’ve won the opportunity to purchase tickets to those exciting games!  Thank you for entering, and good luck in future Postseason Ticket Opportunity drawings!  GO BREWERS!

It’s A Start

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Go Brewers!

Go Brewers!

I got to do something today that I have never done before.  I took a day off from work (thanks El Jefe for granting time off) and watch a Brewers playoff game.  That’s right, the Brew Crew played in their first playoff game since I was 3 years old.  And needless to say I wasn’t old enough to care about sports at that point, let alone old enough to stay home from work to watch a game.  I would have wooted earlier about their season, but given last years nose dive immediately following my blog post, I decided to bite my tongue until it was a sure thing.  Sadly, they lost to the Phillies in a 3-1 pitching duel, but at least we’re playing past September.  Even if it is without Ben Sheets who is out for the rest of the season.

It’s nice to see the new ownership invest in the team’s success rather than trading away young talent to save cash.  I’m looking at you Seilig family.  Now if only we can turn that vaunted minor league system into some pitching after Sheets and Sabathia bouce out of town this off season, we might be able to parlay this run into some long term success.

Honestly though, I did get a lot accomplished on my day off rather than just lazing around watching sports.  I got to sleep in – which was very much needed.  After which I paid my rent, tried to inquire about how to submit a maintenance request (that wallpaper has to go!) drove to Georgetown to register my car for another year, did all of my laundry (yea for clean skivees,) filled up the car for $3.38 a gallon (I remember watching Dumb & Dumber and thinking the buck plus for gas in the background of the diner scene was ridiculously expensive,) and got some grocery shopping done (wasabi, chopsticks, tons of rice, and edamame – check.)  Now it’s time to be lazy again and root on the Red Sox…

Edit: Oh yeah, and the beard finally annoyed me beyond my capacity for stubborness so it’s gone…

Staving Off The Shears

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Miracles and lucky charms made the girl of my dreams the girl in my arms.  Push will come to pull tonight  and I’ll have my hands full tonight and everything will be real all right because she’s coming over tonight.  I’m gonna shave off my beard and I’ll try not to act too weird.  Then I’m gonna kiss her tenderly, so don’t ask her if she’s free. She won’t be, she’ll be with me because she’s coming over tonight.  Everyone makes fun of me – they do it right in front of me.  They don’t think someone shy like me can get a girl like that to like a guy like me.  But now she’s standing at my door.  She’s who I’ve been waiting for, so don’t feel sorry for me anymore she’s coming over tonight.  We won’t tell a soul tonight cause our mouths will be full tonight and talking with your mouth full isn’t polite.

~ She’s Coming (Over Tonight) by Mr T Experience from Revenge Is Sweet & So Are You

So The Great Beard Experiment of 2008 has officially reached the stage where I get the daily urge to shave the crazy thing off because I think it looks ridiculous.  I think it just looks odd to walk around with a bald top and a hairy bottom (giggle inducing phrasing intentional.)  That and my genetic heritage means I have sparse coverage and it turns a shade of red with sun exposure.  And unlike a bad haircut that you can hide as it grows out, your stuck parading a bad beard through the world with no aesthetic salve.  But just about the time I am temped to take a razor to it, some random person will surprise me with a long deep stare followed with a “I kinda like it” while pantomiming a beard stroking.  And with that it continues for another day…

The Beard So Far...

The Beard So Far...

Update: By the way, this guy is my hero.  And I’m jealous…

How Long?

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I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution, take a bow for the new revolution, smile and grin at the change all round, pick up my guitar and play just like yesterday.  Then I’ll get on my knees and pray we don’t get fooled again.  The change, it had to come – we knew it all along.  We were liberated from the fold, that’s all.  And the world looks just the same and history ain’t changed ’cause the banners, they were all flown in the last war.

~ Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who from Who’s Next

So I was driving home from dinner the other night and passed this huge American flag.  And by huge I mean about 30 feet tall – we love ridiculously big stuff here in Texas.  For the life of me I could figure out why it was flying at half mast until my dinner companion pointed out that it was September 11th.  And now I can’t help but wonder how much longer it will be before such a dark day is lost in the shuffle of our daily lives, faded by the inexorable march of time, and drowned in the incessant dirge of this “war on terror.”  I’m not trying to be flippant – nobody I knew or was close with died that day, but I can’t say the same for the ensuing skimishes that have followed.  And it makes me ill to think that all this time, effort, money, and human capital is almost assuredly going to be boiled down and perverted into some gradious patriotic event – hopefully sans some kitchy Hallmark commemoration.

It almost seems that we will have entirely missed that a good portion of the rest of the world thinks poorly of us because of some misguided nationalistic narcissism.  When have we forgotten that successful foreign relations, dare I say life itself, is predicated on getting along with the other parties rather than imposing our will?  In short, 9/11 makes me sad for all the wrong reasons…

To everything, there is a season

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Life’s been pretty odd recently.  I waited as long as possible to blab about what follows, but I need to get it out, work through it, and move forward.  Mom moved back into the house in Georgetown a few months ago.  And while nothing in that statement is odd in and of itself, it’s what was not said that is telling.  To wit: Dad did not.  He’s still living and working in Sevierville, Tennessee.  What exactly that means both now and in the future, I don’t really know.  I think it’s been long enough now that they have both told the people they would like to tell – as such, I don’t think I am shocking too many people.  But I am going to leave the details up to them, the family & friends, and the paid professionals.  I am pretty sure I’ll ramble on some more eventually; perhaps in person, perhaps in print…

I have moved into Austin proper to give mom run of the house and to be closer to work.  I must say it is quite nice to be 5 minutes from work, especially considering the new job entails being at least semi-responsible for any number of things that can go haywire without notice at any time of the day (or more importantly in the middle of the night.)  I learned a very important lesson this move.  Always get a look at your apartment (and not just the model) before signing the lease.  Sadly, that is now the voice of experience since my presence at the front door that first day was greeting by bugs, ants, water damage in the bathroom, a sagging ceiling in the living room, warped cabinetry, and a horrendously putrid 80s wallpaper.  But at least they threw in an alarm system.  It’s probably not as bad as it sounds, but it’s far from the idyllic domicile that is the demo unit we were shown initially.  So I have spent the last couple weeks Spic & Span-ing ever surface I could reach and dousing everything that moves with Raid and boric acid.  And the horrible wakeup call of feeling something crawling on me (whether or not it was a figment of my imagination) was almost worth my perverse glee of seeing the look of horror on the faces of the front office staff when I handing over my two type-written page apartment condtion form.  Almost.  Needless to say, this experience certainly has rekindled the desire to buy a place of my own.  At least there I will be able to gut it to the studs and start over if need be.

Dans le commencement…

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So those of you that have been here before are probably noticing something right about now.  That’s right, this is the first post.  No, you’re not losing your mind.  No, it’s not a technical glitch.  No, you’re not seeing things.  No, it wasn’t done in error.  I just decided after much reflection that it was time to make a fresh start – a new beginning as it were.  The old site was actually a port of an old paper diary that I kept that was then moved to an online format.  Trivia alert: it was originally hosted on GeoCities – man, I’m old and the internet sure has changed a lot since then.  Not to mention the fact that the old site documented some pretty rough times in my life.  Which is to say I kept thinking it was about time to move on in a couple ways.  And what better way to do so than cleaning out my blog.  All of it.  So if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon my old musings on The Way Back Machine at or via some deeply buried Google cache, then enjoy the treasure trove.  But I would like to think that the future is going to be better than the past.  Don’t worry though, there’s still going to be plenty of my personal charm, wit, & character.  Well, there’ll be plenty of me anyway.  So let’s enjoy the ride!

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